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No Bugs M'Lady Shelf Liner
Safe, Effective - Insecticidal Drawer & Shelf Liner

Insecticidal Shelf Paper Accessory - Grip Mat for Pantry and Kitchen

Any material that will come into contact with skin, such as dishes and pantry items, should not be placed directly on our "No Bugs M'lady" and "Bug Kill" insecticidal shelf and drawer paper.

Instead, use our grip mats. Place the grip mats on top of the insecticidal shelf paper, and cut the mats 1-2 inches smaller than the shelf paper on all sides so you have a border of insecticidal shelf paper with nothing on top. Please see the illustration to the right.

  • Each Grip Mat is 1 x 4 FEET
  • Composed of a Rubber Non-Slip Material
  • Manufactured to Prevent Slipping
  • Can be Easily Cut for Your Particular Needs
  • Color May Vary
grip mat illustration

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Grip Mat for No Bugs M'Lady Shelf Paper: 1 Roll - $4.50 Add to Cart
Grip Mat

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